Most onsite information systems are subject to a wide range of threat events, from corrupted data files to viruses to natural disasters. Vulnerability to some threat events can be lessened by having standard operating procedures that can be followed in the event of an incident and having an operational model based on the Cloud infrastructure. The threats that hackers and malicious code pose to systems and networks are well known, the occurrence of such harmful events remains unpredictable.


ACVITS – Enterprise Content Management System on Amazon AWS Cloud is a great storage solution to store important operational procedures documents.  ACVITS is an intuitive Content Management System available as Pay-As-You-Go subscription from Amazon AWS Marketplace ( ) frees the organizations from a long term contractual agreement.


The companies should establish an operational incident handling capability for intellectual property loss that includes adequate preparation, detection, analysis, containment, recovery, and user response activities and track, document, and report incidents to company management and/or authorities.


ACVITS emphasis on intellectual property protection using an enhanced advanced security when collaborating with users is above other products in the market and uses predictive search for faster result.  Really, no CMS products exist with those features.


Most companies find storing large sets of files in their content management systems is a very slow process and very large files like 50GB are not supported.  ACVITS loads 10x parallel in the system and support very large file up to a terabyte.


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