A vendor-hosted public cloud content management system is easy to adopt but comes with security risks as the content is accessible by their contractors, and may be stored outside the country. It is like your fast food restaurant where the food delivered quickly at a reasonable price at a high health risk.

Every organization needs a document management system to maintain data integrity and to collaborate content with users. Many small and medium-sized companies tend to choose a vendor-hosted public cloud CMS system like Google Drive as it is easier to store and collaborate the content. Such a solution fits well with an organizationís collaborative business requirements.

For some organizations, the documents immutability, system sovereignty, disaster readiness, bank-level encryption, and access control limits are equally important as data collaboration. Such organizations should consider a virtual private cloud-based system with known data access control limits and stored within their country.

ACVITS LAW is a document management system for organizations to keep their data stored within the country with access control limits. ACVITS LAW available from the AWS Marketplace catalog is installable at the customerís virtual private cloud in a FedRAMP High GovCloud or Public Cloud AWS services.


Government contractors may like such a product on data sovereignty and FedRAMP High platform features to safeguard controlled unclassified information (CUI) or to meet DFARS 7012 controls.