A mission-critical one team driven is by the centralized content, faster predictive search, enteprise mobility, enhanced collaborative options.

ACVITS, available on Amazon AWS as Pay-As-You-Go Subscription Model frees the customers from burdensome, long-term contract.

Controlled file distribution

Enable control on your sensitive file, so that the recipient can’t share or download the file without your approval.

Predictive Search

Google like predictive search, faster results and more productivity.

Time bound public share

Share your career link or sales pitch at social media with a timer.  The system automatically deactivates the link when time expires.


Flawless Collaboration

Secure access to your corporate content with Enterprise Mobility,  to learn more visit  ACVITS product site https://www.acvits.info

World class productivity

Simplistic intuitive user interface makes it easier to use.  Faster predictive search, returns the result while you type the characters.  To learn more about the product features visit : https://acvits.info/features/

Awesome reviews

Check out customers are talking about our services: https://acvits.info/

A fraction of the cost.

ACVITS is designed to run from Amazon AWS enterprise infrastructure. Highly scalable and durable platform used by companies like Netflix. Learn more about pricing at https://acvits.info/pricing/


Indepth experience

Our professionals managed 230+ million files prior to building the product. We followed Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) is a cybersecurity methodology for standardizing security protocols within networks, servers, computers, and logical designs to enhance overall security.

Archive Policy

Files like birth certificates has a longer lifetime than technical docs.  Set custom retention and purge governance policies that fits your organization’s records management policy.

Free Trial and Consultation

Use our 30 days free trial licence and limited free consultation to test drive the product.  We are here to help you become successful.