Richmond, VA, (October 24, 2018) — OOAC LLC is proud to announce the public release of ACVITS© on Amazon’s AWS Catalog in the Public, GovCloud and all AWS regions across the world.

ACVITS© software, is an innovative Enterprise Content Management System that enables intellectual property document protection using enhanced, advanced-security features; superior predictive search functions across multi-media content; and other performance and encryption features that no other software product on the market is currently able to offer.

A company based out of Startup Virginia, OOAC has developed the ACVITS© software based on an innovative software licensing trend called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). The PAYG payment model is similar to the utility billing industry standard where consumers only pay for services that are actually used. PAYG frees customers from burdensome, long-term contractual obligations that have traditionally been the primary software licensing offered by technology vendors.

“Many organizations struggle with the slow performance of very large file sets, and often find that file sizes over 50GB are not supported by the legacy systems,” said Unni Kirandumkara, CEO of OOAC, LLC. “ACVITS© supports files sizes up to a terabyte and is designed for agility to securely upload very large documents 10x parallel the system speed. Big data security & performance is our passion,” he continued.

ACVITS© also asserts a highly intuitive interface with workflow and ability to securely collaborate all digital file types from any device with an internet browser.  OOAC is pleased to partner with Amazon Web Services to deliver ACVITS© software upon a secure, reliable, flexible, scalable platform for our client’s success.

The United States Forest Service was one of the first to comment on the ACVITS©  system and notes, “ACVITS© has a very user-friendly interface and offers simple yet robust administrative options. The collaboration and simplicity will lead to higher productivity while maintaining strong security,” said Larry Weigand, Supervisor, Database Services, U.S. Forest Service.

Learn more about ACVITS on Amazon by clicking here or visit ACVITS©.

About OOAC

Founded in 2002, OOAC is dedicated to creating software-based products that provide solutions to complex content management problems – all at a fair price. OOAC believes in strong community partnerships and actively invests in technology in schools to build a smarter tomorrow.